UCSS is dedicated to helping those who are unable to help themselves.

 As a non-profit, charitable organization, UCSS responds to the needs and interests of both the Ukrainian Community as a whole and individuals through its wide range of services.

These services include:

 aid to the poor and needy;

 providing assistance to senior citizens and new immigrants;

 counseling and advice assistance;

 referral and information center;

 translation service;

 aid in sponsorship of refugees;

 aid in immigration procedures;

 help with Canadian Citizenship application;

 aid overseas;

 liaison with various governmental and other social service agencies.

UCSS is not just another organization; it is you and us, the Ukrainian Canadian Community, helping those in need.  Without your help, we will not be able to carry out our programs. 

Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Objectives:

(a)  To provide assistance in problems not covered by existing social services;

(b)  To conduct research into the problems and needs of the Ukrainian  Community as it relates to Canadian Society;

(c) To coordinate both financial and moral support to the needy, especially Ukrainians;

(d) To promote communication and cooperative action between social service organizations and agencies in the Ukrainian Community and those city-wide, provincial and federal establishments operating in the Edmonton area;

(e)  To monitor the growth of social legislation and social security in Canada, particularly in Alberta and Edmonton, and to inform the Ukrainian Community of such developments;

(f) To assist in all matters related to immigration and refugees;

(g) To coordinate aid to Ukrainian communities beyond the Canadian borders.*

*Objective 1(g) is changed to read: “To coordinate and provide aid to Ukrainian communities beyond the Canadian borders”.

We have been incorporated into the Society Act of Alberta from December 12, 1994.

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