Pomich Ukraini Fund

The Pomich Ukraini Fund was established by Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Inc. of Canada in 1975 as an annual fundraising campaign to raise funds to assist Ukrainian prisoners of conscience and their families.

The Pomich Ukraini Fund’s primary goal is to assist Ukrainians in need wherever they may be around the world. 

Responding to needs that became apparent in different countries throughout the 1980’s, contributions to the Pomich Ukraini Fund went to support:

  • needy children, families and the elderly in Brazil, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Poland and Romania
  • refugees from East European countries who found themselves in Austria, Germany and Italy
  • victims of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster.

As Ukraine declared independence in 1991, much of the focus of fundraising campaigns and assistance programs became centred on Ukraine.  UCSS, working together with the World Council of Ukrainian Social Services-UWC, was instrumental in developing and financially supporting branches of Social Services of Ukraine.  This support continues today, and UCSS Inc. of Canada has a close working relationship with the National Board of Social Services of Ukraine in Kyiv.

Another major focus of assistance throughout the 1990’s was to Ukrainians in former Yugoslavia, who suffered the ravages of war.  From 1992 until 2003, the Aid to Ukrainians in Former Yugoslavia Committee at UCSS Inc. of Canada, raised and sent $ 99,600 of humanitarian aid to Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

Current assistance programs in Ukraine include: 

  • Soup Kitchens and Food Banks
  • Clothing and medical aid
  • Summer camps for needy children
  • Assistance to seniors, disabled and former political prisoners
  • Assistance to children in orphanages and schools.

The Pomich Ukraini Fund is managed and coordinated by UCSS Inc. of Canada.

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